Using Pre-Assessments to Guide Instruction by James Green

It really became clear in the process of doing this activity that pre-assessments are a very valuable tool. I like how a pre-assessment can really help a teacher not waste time on instruction that isn’t going to reach all of their students. It is evident that pre-assessing is a great way to plan and fine tune instruction.

In my case, I planned a unit on 1st grade reading comprehension. I have objectives in this unit like, “Identify what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story, including identifying key details.” As part of this unit, I read the book The Hungry Caterpillar to the class.  I like this book for assessing because it is somewhat basic but it does contain some key details. So, while it shouldn’t be overwhelming for the students, it does contain key details that relate to the beginning, middle, and end of the book. The goal of my Kahoots assessment quiz will be to identify and then plan instruction for students based on their reading comprehension level. The questions on the quiz vary somewhat. Some are very easy while some are more advanced. Many of them focus on the sequence of the story. Others ask about specific details. Here is a link to my Kahoots quiz:

After students have completed the quiz I will plan instruction and group students based on how well they did on the quiz. I will place the students that performed really well (students that answer 9 t0 10 answers correctly) into a group. The focus of this group will be to help guide them to an even higher reading comprehension level. For the students that are in that middle level (answer 7 to 8 answers correctly) I will create 6 pairs of students. I will have them focus on note taking. The goal will be for the pairs to help each other with their note taking skills. For the students that answered 6 or less questions correctly, I will personally work with them. The focus will be for me to model good note taking techniques for this group. See this link for my mindmap for more details:



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